Q - Can I send by email my picture?

A- Yes, with your full name and city/state or outside the USA -country and city-it is preferred.

Q - Do I give my symptoms?

A- Yes, but only the foremost ones.

Q - How do I pay?

A - We offer PayPal. It is safe and secure.

Q - Can I do future Sessions?

A - Yes, whenever you feel you need one.

Q - If I have a social issue or problem do you Correct that too?

A - Yes, when you list just your major symptoms you may include one or two of the most important ones for that Session.  Some things will be Corrected by the Seven Brain Correction.

Q - When will I hear back from you?

A - It depends how many are ahead of you; but from two to three weeks or earlier.

Q - Can I refer a friend?

A - Yes.

Q - Do you do a Group Correction Session?

A - Yes, up to 50 people. Unlike the personal Session, I Correct everyone's body systematically. There are no questions. Donation is $999.00 All you do is have one email request with a name list.

Q - Do you email when you are done with a Session?

A - Yes.

Q - Do you see people?

A - I only do Sessions by email contact.

Q - Do you do animals?

A - Yes, any domestic creature.

Q- What is a healing/correction session?

A- Please look 'Healing/Correction Session'

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