Healing/Correction Session

Dr. Howard Davis, (who has done this work for many years) offers an extremely rare one of a kind Correction Session. He goes through and "Corrects" -as he calls it- the entire body from head to foot!  In about an hour to an hour and a half, he "Corrects" the brain, all organs, and major functions of the body. Many have gotten excellent results.

Dr. Davis does the same kind of healing for all animals. He specializes in animal nutrition and their specific dietary needs.


It has been observed over the years that Corrections can deal directly with various health issues even circumstances, conditions and events in a person's life. So, that is Direct healing. The other factor is that Corrections can cause a healing either in the body or in one’s affairs in life by an Indirect Correction response. For example: One may have a chronic liver complaint that doctors are unable to clear. When Corrections on the liver are done after a time the person may in some way be 'guided' to a remedy and /or a certain natural diet from the natural health field. Later, the complaint is corrected and even confirmed by med tests. Of course, to reintegrate the same liver condition as a Direct Correction could -and in many cases- does clear the disturbance

All Correction ​Sessions are only by email, which includes (thorough detailed overview of the body and any specific issues/problems, with Corrections, and suggested supplements to take). ​

Dr. Davis also  provides nutritional advice for you and/or your pet.

Dr. Davis does not prescribe or diagnose any health condition. Always see your healthcare provider. Medical tests are always good. He strongly urges people to do any medical testing.

As an added bonus Dr. Davis also includes a very rare Healing or Correction on the Seven Brains, which divides up the brain into Seven Sections.

These have to do, but are not limited to:
1. Energy

2. Social life

3. Organizing 

4. Self -love /career/money
5. Spiritual

6. Intuition

7. Imagination (your most primary faculty).

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Each session (per person) is a donation of a minimum of $125. or more. ​​​​

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