Autism is constantly in the news. Various theories abound as to it's cause. A leading theory is that vaccines especially triple ingredient types cause autism. I found by research that some vaccines have MSG derivatives in the formula! It is frequently sprayed on food stuffs. This link has good information on MSG- it will surprise you! You may not know anyone with a child that has autism; but you may be experiencing symptoms related to the ingestion of 'hidden' MSG! This org helps those who have autistic children and includes symptoms.
 This research chemist found out her daughter was suffering from autism and she thinks the cause was MSG!



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By Dr. Howard Davis



Autism and MSG

Atlas or C1

I have promoted the Atlas as key to spinal dynamics and heath in general for several years. I developed a method to safely adjust the Atlas. I get "thought flashes" and I saw a 'vision ‘of two flat hands that kept coming together so I knew that was the method I was researching and looking for. I always carefully, over a long period of time, verify through detailed research these 'thought flashes.' Dr.Palmer's method was very complex. I wanted to find a way to greatly simplify how the Atlas should be corrected or more properly "adjusted" as per chiropractic parlance or wordage.

When you place someone in a prone face down position you will see that one side of the hips will be drawn up. Use your thumbs on the ilium crest or top or rim of each side of the hip or pelvis to see this right or left lateral contracture.

Once I lightly simultaneously Tap (behind the ears near the mastoid bones) each side (transverse process) of the Atlas with the person facing downward this imbalance or 'draw up' -as some call it-of one side of the hips the pelvis becomes even.
This is because the Atlas was out of its range of motion or position. Once it slips back into its proper position of alignment the curve it causes in the spine straightens out and the hips reflect this movement by becoming 'level.' 

This medical study- as shown above -with a much larger one being planned shows how important the position (it can go out of normal range 12 different ways) of the first cervical called the Atlas or C-1 vertebra is in relation to blood pressure.

It was the multifaceted genius Dr.B.J.Palmer who developed chiropractic and after many years of careful research in 1930 announced the C-1 or the Atlas vertebra was 'primary' in all adjusting of the spine.

Since some estimated 325 trillion nerve fibers carrying micro electrical current as a cord  from the brain go through the Atlas(and C-2 Axis) to all organs and parts of the body, including cells, and this micro nerve current goes back to the brain as a 'report' on body function ; so any malposition or subluxation  of the Atlas and less often the Axis placing pressure on this cord which nerves happen to go to say the heart and affects it's operation then various symptoms arise it was found. 

Gray's Anatomy says the electrical nervous system is the master system over all functions in the body. So it stands to reason any undue pressure in the occipital Atlas region of the neck could cause- as we see in the above med study about high blood pressure. By correcting this Atlas subluxation, it restores this electrical current back to its normal quantity and quality thus restoring normal function. Energy is first cause in everything as that's how God designed everything.


Dr. Howard Davis


Article to reference -  Special chiropractic adjustment lowers blood pressure among hypertensive patients with misaligned C-1 vertebra

Rare Medical Condition


This is an article about Trigeminal Neuralgia, a rare condition affecting nerves in the upper neck/ face area. The article is a firsthand account of a woman who struggled with chronic pain for years, and her amazing journey to overcome it. Her shocking story really puts modern medical techniques into perspective.

The article can be found here:

 Dr. Howard had this to comment: 

Read this story as it is very common with those seeking standard medical care. I have advocated upper cervical (neck) chiropractic for years even developing a Method to adjust or correct the atlas or first cervical or neck vertebra. Anyone can do it as it is safe and very easy to do.
You have some 425 trillion nerve fibers as a 1/2 inch diameter cord going through the first two cervical or neck vertebra and any pressure there can affect the organs, glands and the body itself.
God designed the vertebra, nerves, etc. and He expects us to learn about how to care for ourselves when possible. We use wisdom to decide what to do for any condition in addition to prayers for healing.
God uses secondary means for healing too like in the above case.
'If anyone lacks wisdom let them ask the Lord and He will give it to them.' James


2.5 million Cubans were given a homeopathic nosode 

In a world's first massive med study test of homeopathy 2.4 million (!) Cubans were given a very dilute bacterial strain of Leptospira which usually causes severe infections called Leptospirosis after a hurricane with tropical flooding. It affects animals as well.  

A homeopathic nosode is a prophylaxis that is it contains a dilute succussed ('shaken') bacteria, virus, etc.; beyond its molecular occurrence has been called 'energy' medicine.
Can an 'energy' influence the body? Yes. The sun is 93 million miles from earth, but it's spectrum of rays or microwaves UVB/UV,etc., can cause a deepening of our melanin in our skin causing a " "tan."  
Those rays cause- from 93 million miles away- our skin to create much needed vitamin D. X rays which we can't even see can penetrate the body showing the skeletal frame work as well as the organs,etc. MRI same thing only magnetic in nature. Doctors use radiation -which are invisible energies on cancer and they also use lasers which emit micro energies. 
All of these forms of energy affect change-good or bad-on cells. Magnets emit or contain micro energies which can be demonstrated. You can scare a person without touching them or making a sound and their body responds by increasing brain dopamine/serotonin, rapid heart beat;occular changes; muscle reflexes,etc. You use your cell phone to speak- and see if you wish -a person thousands of miles away and it's all done with unseen waves or energies. TV/radio waves we can't see except as they present in an electronic set. More examples all without wires today in some settings.
As given there are a legion of other examples that materialists do not consider when looking at homeopathics. I have listed but a few.

Here are some symptoms related to Leptospira: high fever; chills; muscle aches; severe headache; expectoration; and may include jaundice (yellow eyes and skin) red eyes; abdominal pain;diarrhea;severe rash ;and can develop into meningitis of the spinal cord membrane and of the brain's membrane; liver failure; kidney damage and respiratory disease.

You can read the results of this medical study. 


Leptospirosis mortality in Cuba: 1987 - 1993. 


Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. 


Dr. Howard Davis

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