Dr. Howard David has healed me on several occasions over the past five years. When I used to catch a cold or the flu it would last for weeks. Dr. Davis has corrected me and given me suggestions on things to combat the illness and I have noticed that I recover quickly and am able to go back to work without any relapses. He has blessed me so that I have cut down on the days that I miss work.

Samantha L

I have had several sessions with Dr. Davis. His advice and research (on natural remedies and medical drugs) specifically for myself is unmatched compared to any other naturopath I have seen. His intuition about what my body needs has always been right on. When my ribs were out nothing was working to keep them in place. Dr. Davis prescribed natural products and told me my ribs would hold in a month. He was right! Dr. Davis corrects and advises my entire family including the children. We trust him and value his advice and knowledge.

Juanita B

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