I started using the 5 Seed Oil to help with the fibroid tumors in my uterus that causes me to have a very heavy and painful menstrual cycle. I started taking a teaspoon each morning and  noticed a considerable change during my menstrual. The flow was not nearly as heavy and I had no pain! A couple of months ago I cut back on my dosage of the oil -- taking it only three days a week instead of all seven. My cycle went back to being heavy. I read somewhere that pumpkin seed oil is good for fibroid tumors. It is one of the oils in this unique formula!

Samantha L 

When the first stage of a head cold starts, I added a teaspoon of  5 Seed Oil to my regime of a vitamin C supplement with  orange juice or water for a day or two to get rid of the cold symptoms.

Joseph B

What I noticed the first day was the energy I had. After a week I could tell my joints got better. I didn’t feel as tight as usual. After two weeks (with no change in my exercise and eating) I lost 8 pounds. I had old scar tissue from a broken foot ten years ago. I noticed after a month it actually reduced in size.

Alexis B

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